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Future mobility industry faces various challenges, but the biggest one seems to be driver behavior. Better understanding of driver behavior would lead to better driving and traffic conditions, more convenient future mobility solutions and a better integration of new mobility solutions in our everyday lives. 


New future mobility solutions share a common challenge. They all seek public acceptance and to be embraced by users, drivers, operators and passengers, as best fitting in peoples’ lives. In order to achieve this goal, the inclusion of human factor in the development and implementation of new technology solutions is a must.


Partners and clients


Nervtech™ is a high-tech R&D company specializing in vehicle simulator technologies in the fields of biometric and cognitive driver evaluation, deep machine learning, and data integration. Nervtech™ is an advanced tool for driver training in variety of traffic and road scenarios. It is also a tool for automatic evaluation of drivers’ performance and collection of physiological and biometrical big data through a set of external medical grade sensoring equipment, synchronized with the simulation software.

As a partner with leading OEMs, Tier 1’s and autonomous vehicle systems providers, NERVteh system additionally represents a powerful tool for the development and testing of technologies for self-driving cars.  


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