The first-ever screening tool for the assessment of driving abilities.

With the use of an advanced simulator for the assessment of driving abilities, we can more quickly, accurately, cost-effectively and, most importantly, more objectively assess the psycho-physical abilities of all driving groups.


In laboratories for evaluation of driving skills.


This simulator can be used for the assessment of driving abilities of drivers with neurological injuries and drivers recovering from serious injuries, additionally, it can be used for the assessment of driving abilities of senior drivers and also professional drivers, as advanced simulation technologies enable the development of highly customized driving scenarios.



Detailed automated report for each driver.


The automatically generated report helps medical practitioners to identify impairments and degradation of driving skills of their patients.



Help drivers safely re-enter the traffic environment.

One of our important goals is that this assessment tool becomes a tool for the rehabilitation of patients, helping them safely re-enter the traffic environment.  

This means that with this advanced simulation technology, we can develop programs that would enable people who are currently unable to drive but have the potential, to use this rehabilitation tool for intense training in a safe driving environment, helping them re-enter traffic and become independent.


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